System & Architecture Design

EMA with its proven proficiency and engineering experience is confident of its capabilities in system architecture and design. We strongly believe that innovation starts at the design level and integrates with every other layer. Leveraging its expertise in requirements engineering, system modelling and reverse engineering EMA is certain about developing exceptional products and services across the first phase of product development.

  • Requirement Engineering
    • System
    • Hardware
    • Software
  • System Modelling
  • Reverse Engineering

Hardware Design

EMA’s established expertise in the hardware design has helped develop products that are today operational across many industries. Our diverse experience in circuit simulation, RF design, power electronics design, microprocessor-based design, FPGA design, prototype realization, schematics & routing will help weave together all the pieces that make for great user experience by addressing key considerations.

  • Circuits Simulation
  • RF
  • Power Electronics
  • Microprocessor Based
  • Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
  • Prototype Realization
  • Schematics & Routing
  • BOM

Firmware & Software Design

EMA’s SPICE certification drives and delivers our commitment towards uniform implementation, modular testing, market recognition and customer satisfaction. On a fastlane roadmap towards CMMi4 certification we are looking to further enhance streamlining our already laudable consistency and repeatability. EMA can claim having developed robust solutions for Microcontroller and Microprocessor Applications, Module development, Bootloader, Communication Protocol, Application Development and Analytics & Visualization.

  • Microcontroller & Microprocessor Applications (w & w/o OS)
  • Module Development (From Driver to Application)
  • Bootloader
  • Communication Protocol
  • Application Development
  • Analytics & Visualization

Mechanical & System Packaging

At EMA, the yardstick of success is our engineering leadership combined with our unwavering commitment to meet and exceed thedesired expectations. With the technology and resources in place we focus on doing what we do best. Our capabilities include assembly modelling, engineering drafting, fab drawings, systems packaging, Auto grade thermal & vibration analysis, auto grade IP and mechanical integration.

  • Assembly Modelling
  • Engineering Drafting, Manufacturing Drawings
  • Thermal & Vibration Analysis
  • IP Grade Assessment
  • Mechanical Integration

Testing & Validation

Time constrains and other intricacies involved in adhering to prescribed regulatory and quality requirements can be an unrealistic and impractical endeavour for many organisations. The zeal and dynamism to bring new products to the market faster is often dampened by remorseless road-blocks and overwhelming pressures. At EMA, with our state-of- art labs, technical know-how and proficiency in system validation, software verification & validation, certification support, product testing and validation and tester development, we can seamlessly facilitate the meeting of these requirements and cut across the entire product cycle.

  • System Validation
  • Software Verification & Validation
  • Certification Support
  • Product Testing & Validation
    • Tailored Test Bench
    • Customer Test Bench
  • Testing System Development


There are only a handful of things as exasperating as a lacking documentation. A bad user’s manual can clearly alienate customers. On the contrary, sound documentation can have tangible benefits. At EMA, we strive to establish substantial clarity to avert customer errors and render the business process reliable. Our array of exemplary services extends to user manuals, assembly line manuals, service manuals and compliance documentation with multi-linguistic capabilities.

  • Manuals
    • User
    • Service
  • Assembly Line Manuals
  • Multi-linguistic Capability

Production Support

At EMA, we take pride in taming complexity at the very point of production. Our manufacturing support services can augment manufacturing engineering needs through tools, jigs&fixtures development and prototype building. We understand how critical production efficiency is to the entire operation. Our creative integrated solutions can render a competitive edgealong the entire manufacturing processes.

  • Tools, Jigs & Fixtures Development
  • Prototype Building
  • Low Volumes